jagubox's A/UX Home Page

This is the A/UX directory, which contains _loads_ of neat, useful, and needed A/UX stuff.

For better organization, this directory is further divided into sub- directories as follows:

A text file description of all files in this directory.

This directory contains links to all the newest and latest files available here on jagubox.

The FAQ for A/UX 3.x.x
The Frequently Asked Questions list for A/UX. Always found here, in AA.new_files and in Info.

This directory contains some Apple-supplied fixes for various 3.0(.x) binaries. This directory contains both supported and unsupported patches.

This directory contains patched or new daemons for use under A/UX.

The directory holds all the various GNU-stuff that's been ported for A/UX. It contains everything from simple patches to complete ports.

A directory that contains useful information about and for A/UX. This includes the FAQ as well as hints on how to get packages to compile, etc...

Basically, if stuff doesn't fit in other of the other directories, it'll get dropped here. Note that the stuff in here is _very_ useful!

A collection of patches and diffs for various packages to enable them to compile/run under A/UX.

A directory of important security-related issues, programs and fixes for A/UX. Look inside there to get a listing and info. This is an _important_ directory!!

This directory contains fixes and replacement for A/UX-UNIX system-related items. Kinda a fuzzy term, but basically it'll include things like replacement header files, device drivers, stuff like that.

Apple tech-notes for A/UX. In MS-Word format.

Helpful utilities for use under A/UX.

This directory contains diffs and ports of various WWW/Web packages...

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